Visualizer 3D - 3D visualization software for eXp 6000 ground scanner

For additional in-depth analyses of conducted ground scans the user of the eXp 6000 ground scanner can transfer the stored scan images to an USB stick. Then those files can be opened by OKM's Visualizer 3D software to optimize, measure and improve the recorded scan data. The visualization software already proved its capabilities. Many treasure finds, buried artifacts as well as other hidden objects have been located by evaluating measurements with Visualizer 3D.

The following functionality is included in the Visualizer 3D software:

  • Characterize scan images with details like description, area dimensions and soil conditions
  • Measuring position, size and depth of localized treasures, artifacts and the like
  • Selection of preconfigured soil types for depth measurement
  • Variable render and display options (wireframe, resolution, colors, ...)
  • View GPS location in Google Maps (browser and internet connection required)
  • Automatic and manual correction of erroneous signals (caused by probe inclination during recording)
  • Color filtering
Windows Tablet PC with Visualizer 3D software

Graphical 3D View

Graphical 3d view in Visualizer 3D software

The graphical 3d representation indicates the existence of buried objects that have been detected underground.

Depth Measurement

Measuring depth in Visualizer 3D software

By selecting the anomaly within the graphical view the operator can easily measure its current depth.

GPS Location

GPS location in Visualizer 3D software

All ground scans that contain valid GPS information can transform the scan field position into Google Maps.

Multilingual GUI

Multilingual graphical user interface in Visualizer 3D software

The graphical user interface (GUI) of the Visualizer 3D software comes in many different languages to support the user in the most efficient way.

Interpolation Filter

Interpolating scan images in Visualizer 3D software

Some filter options like interpolation can improve the quality of the ground scan to better find hidden objects.

Error Correction

Error correction in Visualizer 3D software

In case of recording errors (probe inclination, wrong rotation, ...) the 3d software utilizes error correction features.